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We've all been there – waiting for a landlord to approve you as their potential tenant. Once you’re handed the keys, you are on your own. Now, you are faced with the mammoth task of making your rented flat more livable. You must find the right furniture (perhaps sold to you by the previous tenant), keep the property clean, and set up amenities such as TV and WiFi. There’s so much to do to settle in that it takes months to make the place feel like home. Instead, serviced apartments provide just that – a service to make your long-term stay in London as happy and comfortable as possible.

According to the Business Travel Show, there was a 30 percent increase in business travellers in the UK choosing serviced accommodation in 2018 over the year before. Their primary reason was “value for money, followed by convenience, space, flexibility and long-term suitability”. All these reasons are especially important for increased productivity and peace of mind. Here are some ways serviced apartments might suit your needs better than rented accommodation.

1. Location, Location, Location!

No matter what your trip entails, every traveller knows that the right location can make all the difference. Serviced apartments save you time (& money) by already picking out the best places to stay.

They usually have the best of both worlds - which is a quiet, secure residential street within walking distance to local convenience stores and restaurants. The majority of premium serviced flats are guaranteed to be close to transit and other amenities that have served their business clientele well in the past.

It is important to go with a reputable serviced apartment provider with excellent reviews. The advantage here is that once you find the right hospitality team, you can let them know what you're looking for and your work is done for you. Most serviced apartment providers will offer a range of different options to suit your needs.

"Value for money" is the primary reason for choosing serviced accommodation by an increasing number of business travellers
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2. 'Ready to Live' Furnished Flats

Premium serviced apartments follow the décor standards of 4 or 5 star hotel rooms. That means you are ensured modern, clean and comfortable apartments that are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

In contrast, the majority of rented accommodation in London is offered unfurnished and you would spend hours, if not days, equipping your kitchen. For business travellers this can be quite a hassle and one that can be completely avoided by staying at a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments have done their research and already provide exactly what a typical business traveller wants and needs for a comfortable long-term stay.

A serviced flat allows you to put the kettle on right away, and relax.

3. Your Home Stays Spotless

No time to do the linen or clean the washrooms? That’s not a problem at a serviced apartment, which is maintained by professional housekeeping staff on a regular basis. That leaves more time for work or leisure activities and catching up with friends and family.

Your time and peace of mind are valued when you choose to stay at a serviced apartment. Business travellers recognise that time is money, and value the increased health and productivity that comes with a spotless living space.

Serviced apartments invite you to make the place your own - a space to live and work with no distractions.
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4. All Utilities are included

Catch up with family from the day you move in! No need to deal with local internet and cable companies while incurring hefty installation fees. These sorts of necessary amenities are all included in a serviced apartment with no extra fees for utilities, electricity, water, WiFi & Cable. Imagine not having the headache of dealing with several different companies to pay bills or chase them for offers. It's also helpful to have one point of contact for these multiple services. As well, the hospitality team has already researched the best local companies to provide all the amenities.


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5. Flexibility

Typical rental agreements are usually locked down for one year. This leaves no flexibility compared to serviced apartments which are far more amenable to date changes. Business travel often requires that flexibility. Serviced apartments are also ideal for temporary housing in the event of a renovation, hosting family & friends, or when looking to buy local real estate – all of which might require a stay of several months but not quite an entire year.

Security deposits for rented apartments can easily range from GBP 1800-2200 in West London. Serviced apartments do not have deposits - instead they have streamlined their protocols and do not require lengthy contracts that might have outdated clauses.

6. Long term Support and Suitability

Space to unwind, convenience of turnkey services and value for money all offer business travellers peace of mind for their long term stays. It can get overwhelming relocating for work, whether it is for a few months or years, and so business travellers tend to appreciate the support & expertise of their local serviced apartment hospitality teams. They pride themselves on customer service and treat every guest the same – that is with the utmost professional respect. After all, it is in their best interest to ensure each guest’s stay goes smoothly.

A professional, friendly host can make all the difference, ensuring that you have no complaints during your stay.

Now, if you're thinking of moving in and around London, the only task on your list is to find the right serviced apartment provider. And if you're reading this, you've already found one of the premium serviced apartment providers in London. We, at Stockley Apartments, think life in this fast-paced world is hectic enough. As a business traveller relocating for work, choosing a serviced apartment to live in is not a luxury but a convenience that offers value for money, flexibility and peace of mind. After all, you work hard and you deserve to be well taken care of!

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